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Servicing and Repairs

Regular servicing of your vehicle can extend its life. We cover oil and filter changes, brake and tyre testing and spark plug replacement. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to keep up with the demands of modern technology


The rigours of stop/go motoring on today's overcrowded roads can place a lot of stress on brakes. So for maximum safety and peace of mind it makes sense to have your brakes checked regularly.

Surrey Garage can supply

and fit car brakes to almost

any car.


A faulty exhaust system can

lead to MOT failure and

costly re-test fees. But don’t

worry, because at Surrey

Garage, we can examine

your exhaust and catalytic

converter for you. If you do

require a replacement

system, you can choose from

a huge range – all at great


020 8668 2456 / 020 8660 1660


Cambelt replacements

Cambelts are an essential

part of your vehicle and not

replacing your cambelt at the

manufacturer’s recommended

guidelines can result in

serious damage to your car’s

engine. Here at Surrey

Garage we are keen to help

you avoid huge repair bills

caused by cambelt failure.


Buying a replacement car

battery can be tricky, we can

supply and fit car batteries for

all types of vehicle,

performance batteries for

longer life and bigger



Slipping Clutch? Fast and

efficient clutch replacement by

a team that have made it their

business to be the best , we

also offer a recovery service

With full workshop facilities

and having invested heavily in

the latest diagnostic

equipment we offer full

servicing using quality OE

equivalent parts


Here at Surrey Garage we

offer a full range of welding

services to full MOT quality

standards. With our

experience we have the ability

to to repair nearly all types of

welding issues.

Pre Purchase Inspections

At Surrey Garage we believe

that buying a car is like buying

a house, we feel it is important

to have your next vehicle

independently inspected. We

feel that offering this service it

allows our customers to

protect themselves against

future issues with their car.


The MOT scheme is primarily

a road safety measure

designed to ensure as far as

possible that all cars,

motorcycles and light goods

vehicles more than 3 years

old meet minimum safety